The Art of Quality Care

Our open forum offers a platform for both support Workers & Service Users


The shortage of staff, burnout and care workers low wages has been a challenge over the years but with Emporium Healthcare, comes the solution for career growth with good pay.


Temporary Staff

Most colleagues who join us on a permanent contract work regular hours on a full-time or part-time basis. Whichever option is best for you, we’ll do whatever we can to structure those hours around your other commitments.

We wholeheartedly committed to our staff and service users. We treat every single one of our healthcare candidates and clients with the respect and compassion they deserve. And our approach to all assignment is professionally aimed towards quality.

Permanent Staff

When we see a piece of art, it’s hard to visualise what came before it. You don’t see the years the artist spent perfecting their craft, or the toil it took to create that one painting. And in some ways, our work is the same. For us in Emporium Healthcare, we’re a team, we plan, we work and we execute together with the service users at the pivotal of all

Depending on your circumstances, you may prefer to work longer or shorter shifts (which doesn’t necessarily mean working longer or shorter hours overall). Where possible, this is something we’re happy to consider.


Perfect results, every time

Ultimately, being masters in our craft offers our clients and candidates real peace of mind.

We only ever put candidates forward for positions where there is a perfect match. And we only take on projects for our clients where we know we can deliver perfect results.

That’s what we call:

The art of Quality Care
The art of Quality Care