Our story

Our stories begin together from the moment you contact us


Proudly best in the Art of Quality Care

All though healthcare can be tasking, we have devised a way to make life easy for our support workers and other professionals to adapt while still providing high quality of care.

Our working ours are very flexible and the remuneration is among the best in the country. You can work anywhere you want even from your local area while earning your handsome pay with other benefits as suitable to your position/earning



More than just Care

We often talk about affecting futures. Emporium Healthcare isn’t just another care provider. And being a healthcare professional isn’t just another job. Our organisation and staff are trained in building and promoting therapeutic relationship hence, we’re proud to present ourselves as the one true community friend.

Our clients and candidates affect futures – and by supporting them, so do we. It’s a responsibility thus, we consider it a privilege and take it very serious.


Our Values
Our values aren’t something we display on a screensaver and disregard. They’re part of our DNA, and underpin every decision and action we take, every day.


We’re first Genuine with good intentions, and actions


We’re well-trained, skilful & possess professional conducts


We’re goal driven & will always meet your set plans


We provide encouragement & Support you to be independent

Does this sound like the What you have always wanted?